All About Eternity Rings

The first eternity rings may have been from Egyptian times. These rings had the image of a snake devouring its own tail, often referred to as ‘Ouroboros’, which represented eternal love and life. Clearly this style lost favour and was quite different from the diamond set eternity rings we commonly see today. The durability and longevity of diamond make it the perfect stone to symbolise eternal life.


The most common styles for the eternity ring are the full eternity ring and the half eternity ring. Full eternity rings are what springs to mind as the traditional eternity ring. Some favour them as the diamonds are set all the way around the ring, providing an unbroken circle to symbolise eternal love. It is important to be aware that, due to this, full eternity rings cannot be resized as there is nowhere to take out or add in gold.


If you are looking for an eternity ring that can be resized or are looking for a reasonable option, you may favour the half eternity ring style. This style has the diamonds set across the top half of the ring so that they cover the top of the finger, but there are no diamonds set at the back. This leaves the gold at the back exposed so that if the wearer’s finger changes size over time or you are not sure of their exact size, the ring can be resized.   


Traditionally these rings are given to one’s partner either to celebrate a milestone anniversary or to mark the birth of a child. However, many are now using these as wedding bands, friendship rings or simply as a fashion accessory. This is a versatile ring which offers lots of possibilities.

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Clarity Enhancement Demystified


At DJU we are frequently asked about the process of clarity enhancement that we use on our diamonds. Clarity enhancement uses fracture filling or laser drilling to improve the appearance of a diamond, either by removing the inclusion or by making it less visible to the naked eye.  



Fracture Filling


Fracture filled diamonds are those whose feathers have been filled in to enhance their brilliance. The process for fracture filling diamonds was developed in the 1980s and involves filling surface-reaching feathers with molten glass to improve the diamond’s clarity. Yet, it was not until the 1990s that fracture filled diamonds began to appear in the market in abundance.


The glass used has a high refractive index similar to that of diamond, making the fractures less visible when light passes through the stone. The treatment is performed under high heat and pressure, sufficient to force the liquid glass into the feathers. This method improves the diamond’s clarity but it does not affect its colour. Many diamonds contain minute feathers that do not pose a threat to the integrity or durability of the diamond. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on the durability of all our diamonds.


Fracture filling is a permanent treatment that can only be reversed if the diamond is exposed to extreme heat or acids.



Laser Drilling


Another method of clarity enhancement is laser drilling. This involves drilling minute channels in the diamond from the surface to an interior inclusion using a laser beam.  The inclusion can then be removed by melting it with heat or dissolving it with acid. Laser drilling is usually used to remove more obvious inclusions such as black carbon spots that lie deeper within the diamond. The change in clarity is permanent.

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The history of diamond engagement rings & diamond cutting

Historians believed this tradition started in Roman Times. Wives would wear keys attached to rings to indicate their husband’s ownership.


In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria had the very first diamond ring made for Mary of Burgundy, striking a trend for Diamond engagement rings.


The Victorians would mix diamonds with different jewels, precious metals and enamels. They were often in the shape of flowers which earned the name ‘posey rings’.


In 1947 De Beers created the slogan: ‘a diamond is forever’ since the natural durability of diamonds made people feel that marriage is forever, this increased sales of diamond rings. The diamond’s purity and sparkle is now a sign of the commitment from one partner to the other.


The very first diamonds were found in India and kept as loose unpolished stones- they were believed to possess magical powers.


In the 14th century, diamonds began to be polished and cut. The polish to give it some shine and the cut was a point cut which followed the natural shape of the diamond. Diamonds were incredibly rare and were worn solely by kings and queens.


The table cut was the first major cut followed by the step cut. It was during the 15th century that it was found out diamonds could be cut by their own dust!


In the 16th century, rose cuts and transition cuts became popular. Until that point, most of the mining was done in India.


In the 17th century, the popularity of cushion cuts, which came from Brazil rose. Diamonds were still rare and only worn by aristocracy.


In the 1800’s the invention of a machine enabled diamonds to be cut into a perfectly round shape.


In the 1920’s the Asscher cut gained popularity, and was one of the very first patented diamond cuts in the world.


Emerald cuts were standardized in the 1940’s, descending from the step cut.


Over the years the most popular cut for diamond wedding rings has been the round brilliant, consisting of 58 facets which divide the diamond from top to bottom.

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Factors to consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring

 When you start looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring it can feel like a bit of a minefield. With so much choice in terms of shape, colour, clarity, carat weight & style it can become overwhelming trying to choose the right ring. 


 The best place to start is usually the shape of the diamond. This is often made easier if the potential wearer has expressed their preferred shape. The most popular cut is the round brilliant- this shape is timeless and has the most facets, allowing lots of light to pass through the diamond and give it a good sparkle. More recently, the oval diamond has grown in popularity as it elongates the ring finger. For something a little different, the marquise cut is also making a revival.   


 Once you have chosen the shape of the diamond, you can focus on balancing the colour, clarity and carat weight with your budget and the preferences of the wearer. Knowing your partner is key to this one- are they particular about the size of the centre stone? Are the whiteness and clarity of the diamond important to them? Does your partner prefer a more sparkly look or are they more modest in their jewellery preferences? 


 After choosing the centre diamond you can consider the ring mount. A mount with fewer claws offers a modern look and allows lots of light to pass through the diamond, whereas a mount with additional claws offers a more classic look with extra security to the diamond. Consider whether the wearer would prefer a single stone ring or one with shoulder diamonds. If you are unsure, then a single stone diamond ring is classic and can be matched with a diamond eternity ring to add sparkle.


 Above all, remember that at Diamond Jewelry United we are here to help. You can contact us with any questions via email: or by phone: +44 208 905 5672. We offer a 60 day returns policy, signed appraisal, a lifetime guarantee on the durability of our diamonds and a GIE certificate to confirm the attributes of your diamond. 


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January Blues



The January Blues don’t have to be a bad thing!  Injecting some colour into your jewellery collection is simple to do and you don’t need a big budget with the following pieces from our collection:





1.1 carat BLUE VS2 Round Diamond Stud Earrings







1 carat BLUE I1 Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring







4.2 carat BLUE VS2 Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring





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‘Tis the Season!



With the festive season just around the corner, we want to look our best.  Here are a few ideas for beautiful diamond jewellery that will add the finishing touch to your outfit.




The Drop Earring





Elegant and timeless, the diamond drop earring never goes out of style.  If you have a more formal event over the holiday period these would add the perfect amount of sparkle!  




The Solitaire Pendant





Simple yet chic, the diamond solitaire pendant will match any outfit and can be worn from day to night. This would be the perfect accessory when you want to add a touch of sparkle without drawing attention away from your outfit.



The Diamond Ring





A classic diamond ring can be worn for any occasion, regardless of whether or not it is a symbol of engagement. A party is a great excuse to bring out an attention-grabbing accessory.

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Fall In Love

Fall In Love


What could be more romantic than sipping champagne by an open fire?  The smell of logs burning and seasonal spices in the air. It’s no surprise that many couples get engaged or plan to get married at this time of year.  Not only do the the autumnal colours lend themselves to romance, but this season can be a more reasonable time for a wedding too.



You will find some great deals on engagement and wedding rings as a lot of stores prepare for the holiday season.  Look out for real bargains at this time of year.  You are also likely to see big savings when it comes to wedding venues and photographers as this is a relatively quiet time of the year to get married. 



It cannot be denied that Fall is also one of the most beautiful seasons when it comes to nature.  Rich earthy colors provide the perfect pallet for a Fall celebration. Wild flowers provide a rustic feel, while vibrant fruit and berries can enhance your tables, pulling together your Fall theme.



So instead of opting for the classic summer party, why not check out all that Fall has to offer first.  You might just find that this is indeed the best time of the year for your special celebration! 


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How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Wedding Jewelry



When you are planning a wedding, there are so many choices to make to ensure the perfect day.  Choosing wedding jewelry can sometimes be an afterthought, so here are a few points to consider when choosing your wedding jewelry, to avoid regret on your big day.



        1.Upstaging the dress



Whatever style of dress you go for, you don’t want your jewelry to be the first thing everyone notices. Really take into consideration what you want to draw attention to and avoid overly ornate pieces.



        2.Buying trend-led accessories



Bear in mind your wedding album is something you will look back on. Selecting something too fashionable will make your pictures look outdated very quickly.  Go for timeless classics and this will ensure you have photos you are proud to look back at.



        3.Sometimes less is more   



Do you really need a necklace, a bag, a veil, a tiara, earrings, and a bracelet?  It is certainly possible to go overboard.  Remember, you will already be sporting flowers, rings, a wedding dress and shoes!  Before you get carried away, try everything together before the big day and ask yourself if you really need that extra accessory.



        4.Buying accessories before the dress



This is risky.  Many brides end up choosing a completely different style of dress to the one they initially envisage.   Get the dress in the bag first; otherwise you could end up with two different styles, which do not compliment eachother.

        5.Think beyond your wedding day



Finally, consider pieces that you could wear again.  It would be a real shame to spend money on lovely accessories to throw into your jewellery box never to be seen again!  Buying something classic and elegant will ensure you can wear it time and time again and you may even pass it down through the family as that 'something borrowed'. 


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Blooming Marvelous!



Find us a woman that doesn’t love flowers!  We have come up with the ultimate ways to incorporate flowers into your proposal and matched the best rings to go with your floral theme!  Make it a moment that she’ll never forget!



Vintage Style


Vintage          Vintage Ring


Looking for something simple?  Look no further!  We love this vintage look; the Orchid Delight Hand Tied Bouquet with its pastel tones creates the perfect shabby chic romantic theme.  Although simple, we love how it still retains a certain elegance your future bride will love.


Timeless, elegant and truly one of a kind, the 0.64 Carat Vintage Inspired Round Solitaire Diamond Ring encompasses the old-world feel.  If simplicity is her style, this ring will fit the bill.



Go all out!


All Out          All Out Ring


Finally, if you are going to really go for it, lets do it in style!  Laurent Perrier Champagne Rose Plant Gift Set.  Champagne, chocolates and roses! This floral gift is truly luxurious.


This special 4.38 Carat Radiant Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring will simply take her breath away.  Hopefully, you’re only going to do this once, so lets do it right!

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5 Steps to the Perfect Proposal



Proposing is a very special event in every relationship; it can also be one of the scariest times!  We have put together 5 things we think that will make your proposal not only special and unique but also successful!


           1.Tailor it to your relationship, make it unique!

The last thing you want to do is copy someone else’s proposal. It’s a bit of a cop out and hasn’t really taken any time or effort to think about. Perhaps there is somewhere special that you go that only the two of you know about, it could be where you first met? Maybe you both have the same interest, which you do together, you could incorporate that? Whatever your thing is, use it! That’s what makes your relationship different from others; this will ultimately make your proposal unique!


             2. Create the mood


So you’ve decided you’re going to go back to the park where you two both met to get down one knee. It can be incredibly nerve racking when you’ve been planning something and then the day finally arrives. If she has no idea what’s to come don’t just blurt it out. The last thing she wants to remember is chatting about the washing up and then turning around to find you down on one knee! Maybe you reminisce about the day you met, how walking through the park brings back memories. I guarantee the outcome will be far more successful.


             3. Is this something you’ve talked about?


It’s all well and good picking the right setting and creating the right mood but is this something you’ve actually talked about in the past. Are you sure this is something that you both want? Before deciding to declare your undying love and lifelong commitment you wish to enter, talk it through! Maybe you broach the subject a few months before you plan anything. Make it really conversational; find out where she is because if she’s not in the place you are right now it could all end in tears!


              4. Chat to her family


So you’ve decided on the location and the theme that is unique to you both, you have the right mood, you are completely sure that this is something that she wants. Now it’s time to speak to her family. I know this sounds really old school but it’s not about asking them for permission it’s about including your soon to be in-laws in this special event. It’s to let them know how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with their child! To let them know how much in love you are and how serious you take it. Believe me, it will be really appreciated and start married life with a great, solid foundation of people around you.


              5. The ring


Style, size, colour, budget to name but a few! So many things to take into consideration! Seek advice. There is no point stressing yourself out with something you’ll pick only once in your lifetime.  There are many places you can visit that give great advice and are experts in their field, use them! To be honest you can’t really go wrong. If she loves you as much as you love her, she’ll be over the moon with whatever you pick.


You’ll find great advice on all things engagement rings here; you’ll even find us there!

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Choosing the right Engagement Ring



An engagement ring is a permanent symbol of the most important relationship in your life.  It is a big purchase and you want to make sure that you get it right, not only because of the cost but you want to see the look of delight on your future brides face, not a look of disappointment.  There are 4 key elements to keep in mind when making your purchase.  Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour.


The carat is the weight of the diamond or how big it measures.  The average size of most engagement rings is around 1 carat.  The next is the cut; this determines the shape of the diamond.  Most common is the round cut, but you can also get pear, heart, princess and so on.  People tend to get really hung up on the clarity of the diamond.  Most diamonds do have inclusions, they make the diamond unique and to the naked eye most cannot even been seen.  Pay attention to the grading, all diamonds should have a grade as to what level of inclusions they have if any.  For example SI1 means slightly included 1.  Finally the colour.  Colourless diamonds are graded from D downwards to Z.  Between this scale a diamond will display subtle coloured tones.  Diamonds with a very strong distinct colour are extremely rare.


Lastly and probably most importantly, give her what she wants!  Its all very well knowing all the facts but if you buy her something to your taste all could be lost!  You could check out her existing jewelry, find out what style she likes.  Is she a modern girl or does she go for traditional pieces.  If you think your secret can be kept secret, ask her friends or her family their opinion.  If all else fails that’s why we are here!  Call us and we can give you our advice on best sellers and most popular, after all this is what we do! 

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Diamonds Are For Everyone



What better way to say, “I love you” than with diamonds?  They let that special person know how much you care.  Timeless and whatever the occasion you choose to give them, you know how much they will be treasured.


If you are planning on popping the question, our range of unique and exclusively designed Diamond Engagement Rings will be sure to make that answer an easy one!  From beautiful Round Solitaire to Princess Cut, all set in 14 Karat Solid White Gold, what’s not to love.  With a wide range of carat weight, you can be sure that we have something to suit any budget.


Not only do we stock a wide variety of stunning Diamond Engagement Rings we also stock an elegant range of Diamond Pendants and Diamond Earrings.  Radiant and enchanting, they make the perfect gift.  They too are set in 14 Karat White Gold and come in a choice of styles to suit any taste. 


Choosing your diamond can be daunting but at Diamond Jewelry United you can trust that our expertise is second to none.  We are always on hand to help you with any questions you may have so you know you’re in good hands.



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