24th January 2024

Finding The Right Ring Size

Diamond engagement ring worn on a hand

Choosing the ring size can be challenging, especially when buying an engagement ring from an online diamond store.
This guide will provide some tips on how to measure your finger and get the right size.

How to Find the Right Engagement Ring Size?

A correctly sized engagement ring will not slip off the finger on its own but will not feel uncomfortable when worn. The best ring size should give slight resistance when going over the widest joint of the finger, but it will loosely encircle the base of the finger, so it will feel comfortable. When taking the ring off, you should feel slight resistance over the joint but not discomfort.

Which Hand Will the Engagement Ring be Worn On

In the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries, an engagement ring is worn on the left hand’s ring finger. However, in many other countries, an engagement ring is worn on the right hand’s ring finger.

Will the Ring Fit on Both Hands?

The fingers on the left hand might not be the same size as those on the right hand. It’s not uncommon for fingers on each hand to vary by one or two sizes. Therefore, don’t assume that the same ring size will fit on both hands.

Does the Thickness of the Ring Band Make a Difference to the Ring Size?

Rings with thinner bands usually go over the joint with more ease. Wider bands offer more resistance, which might cause chafing. So, when buying a ring with a thick band, it might be worth going half a size up.

How Do I Find Out the Right Finger Size?

There are several methods of finding the correct ring size:

Method 1: Visit a Jeweller (Recommended)

This is the most reliable and accurate method. Almost all high-street jewellers will measure your finger free of charge using a professional ring measuring tool or a set of measuring rings with sizes stamped on them. Alternatively, a jeweller can also measure an existing ring using an industry-standard measuring stick.

Method 2: Measure your Finger Yourself

You can measure the finger yourself using a ring measuring kit, which you can buy from many online retailers. It is a set of several plastic or metal rings, which you can try on to find one that fits the best. These kits are similar to those used by jewellers. However, they might not be 100 per cent accurate.

Method 3: Measure an Existing Ring

You can also find the size by measuring the inside diameter of an existing ring, which fits perfectly on the same finger the engagement ring will be worn on. Place the ring on a good quality measuring tape or ruler, and note down the size of the inside diameter from side to side in millimetres. You can then convert it using the below chart. If you cannot find your size in the chart, you can contact our team of diamond jewellery experts, who will be happy to help.

Universal ring size chart, US, Canada, Australia, UK and European ring sizes


When is the Best Time to Take Measurements?

The finger circumference might differ slightly in temperature extremes. During hot summer months, fingers tend to swell slightly, while in the cold, the ring size might decrease a little. So, it’s best to measure the finger during the moderate temperature of around 20 – 25 degrees Celsius (68 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, fingers tend to be slightly larger towards the end of the day, so we recommend measuring the ring size later in the afternoon.