Welcome to Diamond Jewelry United 


Welcome to our website and congratulations on your engagement or wedding. We hope that you will have a truly special day with lots of fun now and in the future!


Most of our visitors on this website come here because they have been recommended by someone that has enjoyed great buying experience on the site. If that is the case with you too please pass on our thanks.


Following our success on eBay UK and eBay US we have recently redesigned our website which is proving very popular indeed. Most of our reviews are on eBay where we have sold more than 20,000 (twenty thousand) diamond rings with perfect feedback.


We pride ourselves in having a 60 day return policy with no questions asked. We are sure that you will be absolutely happy with your choice but it does happen that you may change your mind. For your peace of mind and convenience you may take advantage of our 60 day ‘no questions asked’ refund policy. 


In addition the ring is certified by GIE. As you may know they are an independent third party that certifies and confirms the colour, clarity, carat and RRP (excluding VAT) of the ring. We have given you all the important information you need to help you buy your engagement ring. To ensure authenticity we provide the certificate with each purchase. Your great bargain is certified by a third party; they certify the price as well as the colour, clarity and carat. Nothing is left to chance.


In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee. And on this website you can see a full clear video of the actual ring. This is very important and extremely unusual because the video shows the self-same ring that you will be purchasing. It is not a stock video of similar rings; it shows in full detail the very ring that can soon be yours.


Shipping is fully insured using the fastest carriers such as FedEx and Royal Mail Next Day delivery


Our prices are way better than our competition. We have no middleman and have the best sources. It is our mission to make engagement rings of the highest quality and beauty available and affordable to everyone. At this very special moment and happy point in your life you too deserve a beautiful engagement ring. We are proud to make them available to you at the best prices possible – that is what we exist for.


We also provide excellent support and after sales service. If there is anything you want to know at any time simply get in touch and we will be happy to respond. This of course is a service over and above the no quibble, no questions asked 45 day refund policy.

happy shopping

Steven Grunhut
Managing Director