10th January 2024

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Diamond Jewellery Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of Love, making it the perfect time to present your Loved one with flowers, a box of chocolates and, best of all, Diamond jewellery!

And because Diamonds are forever, just like true Love, nothing could make a better present than a Diamond ring, a pair of studs, a pendant, or a bracelet. And, just like Love, natural Diamonds can bring joy and sparkle into someone’s life.

Diamonds come in different settings, sizes and shapes, offering an unlimited choice of a gift for your Loved one this Valentine’s Day.


Diamond Rings


With all the romance in the air, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to propose to your Loved one.

Diamond engagement rings have always been seen as symbols of Love and commitment and will never go out of style.

They are now more popular than ever in history, with an extensive range of styles and settings available.

For example, you can choose a solitaire stone set in a plain band or opt for a slightly fancier setting, such as a pave band or our unique Regency band. For even more bling, consider an eternity or a half-eternity Diamond ring. They are dazzling yet stylish symbols of everlasting Love.

Furthermore, Diamonds come in many different shapes, so whether your partner prefers a classic Round Brilliant cut or fancies a more unique shape, such as the Elegant Square Princess cut, there is a Diamond ring for everyone.


Diamond Stud Earrings


Diamond Stud Earrings are a classic that will always be in fashion. Round Brilliant and Square Princess are the most popular shapes for Diamond Studs. This Valentine’s Day, opt for a pair of studs set in a classic Martiny setting. This type of cone-shaped prong setting becomes gradually narrower, resembling a Martiny glass. It allows the light to enter the Diamond from all sides for brilliant sparkle, making it a perfect present for the party-loving special someone in your life.


Diamond Pendants


Pendants are worn close to the heart, making them an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. A simple solitaire Diamond pendant can enhance any outfit, adding class and timeless elegance. A basket prong setting keeps the Diamond safely in place while allowing the light to enter the Diamond for outstanding sparkle so that your Loved one can be the star of the Day this Valentine’s.


Diamond Bracelets


Tennis bracelets are amongst the blingiest Diamond jewellery pieces you can get due to the number of stones – usually around 50. In addition, they have a sport-related history, making them a perfect present for the gym-loving, special someone in your life. They are sure to become your Loved one’s favourite jewellery piece, which they will never want to take off.
If you are considering purchasing Diamond jewellery from us but need advice, our experienced London-based Customer advisers are here to help if you have any questions.