7th June 2024

Screwback vs Pushback Backings for Diamond Studs

screwback and pushback diamond studs

Screwback and pushback butterfly backings are two different types of fastenings used for securing diamond stud earrings in place.


Each has its unique design, advantages, and disadvantages. The choice between them can depend on the wearer’s personal preference, lifestyle, and sensitivity considerations.


Here’s a breakdown of both:


Pushback (Also Known as Post or Butterfly Backing)




Pushback backings consist of a straight post that slides through the ear, with a separate butterfly-shaped backing that pushes onto the post to secure the earring in place.




    • Comfort: Generally comfortable and lightweight.
    • Widely Available: This is the most common type of earring backing, so it’s readily available in most jewellery stores.




    • Security: More prone to slipping off if not tightened properly, which could lead to lost earrings.
    • Suitability: Not always the best choice for very expensive or heavy earrings due to security concerns.


Screw Back Backings




Screw back backings also feature a post that goes through the ear, but the backing screws onto the post with threaded grooves, making it more secure.




    • Good for Expensive Jewelry: Often recommended for more expensive diamond studs due to the enhanced security.
    • Better for Active Lifestyles: Ideal for individuals with active lifestyles or those who wear their earrings continuously, including while sleeping or exercising.




    • Time-consuming: More time-consuming to put on and take off due to the screwing mechanism.
    • Comfort: Can be less comfortable for some, especially if worn while sleeping.
    • Risk of Over-tightening: There’s a risk of over-tightening, which can cause discomfort.


Which is Better for Who?


  • For Active Lifestyles or Expensive Earrings: Screw back backings are typically better for those with active lifestyles or for securing more expensive diamond studs due to their added security.
  • For Everyday Convenience and Comfort: Pushback backings might be preferred for those seeking ease of use and comfort, especially if the earrings are worn frequently and are of moderate value.


Ultimately, the choice between pushback and screw-back butterfly backings depends on personal preference, the value of the jewellery, lifestyle, and comfort. Those with high-value diamond stud earrings who seek extra security might lean towards screw back, while those prioritizing convenience and comfort might prefer pushback backings.