January Blues



The January Blues don’t have to be a bad thing!  Why not embrace this time of year and turn the blues into some statement blues!  Injecting some colour into your jewellery collection is simple to do and you don’t need a big budget.  With these pieces, you can wear them time after time, long after those January Blues are a distant memory!




     1.1 carat BLUE VS2 Round Diamond Stud Earrings






   1 carat BLUE I1 Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring






   4.2 carat BLUE VS2 Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring





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‘Tis the Season!



With Christmas just around the corner, it means only one thing…  Party season!  We’ve all worked hard throughout the year; now is the time to let our hair down and have fun.  Office Christmas parties, family gatherings, even meeting up with old friends we want to look our best.  Here are a few ideas for beautiful diamond jewellery that can make an outfit and make you the belle of the ball!




The Drop Earring





Elegant and timeless, the diamond drop earring never goes out of style.  If you have a more formal event over the holiday period these would add the perfect amount of sparkle!  If you do go for them, don’t wear a necklace.  It will only deter from the overall look.




The Solitaire Pendant





Simple yet chic, the diamond solitaire pendant will match any outfit and would suit any occasion.  This is the type of necklace can be worn over and over, formal or low key.  If you have a statement outfit then this would be the perfect accessory!



The Engagement Style Ring





Wearing an engagement style ring doesn’t mean you have to be engaged!  You can rock a beautiful diamond ring anytime, especially at Christmas!  Every girl should have a diamond and at this time of year a party is a great excuse to bring out as much sparkle as possible!

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Fall In Love

Fall In Love


What could be more romantic than sipping champagne by an open fire?  The smell of logs burning and seasonal spices in the air.  What more could you ask for!  It’s no surprise that many couples choose fall to get engaged or plan to get married at this time of year.  Not only is it incredibly romantic with all of those fabulous autumnal colours but it can be a lot cheaper too.



You will find some great deals on engagement and wedding rings as a lot of stores prepare for the holiday season.  You can get a real bargain if you shop around, as some places offer up to 50% off jewellery at this time of year.  You are also likely to see big savings when it comes to wedding venues and photographers as this is a relatively quiet time of the year to get married. 



It can’t be denied that fall is also one of the most beautiful seasons when it comes to nature.  Earthy colours are the perfect pallet for an autumn wedding or engagement party.  Think rich tones like plum, navy or emerald.  They will be the perfect contrast to the natural beauty of the fall foliage.  Wild flowers suggest a rustic feel, with vibrant fruit and berries to decorate the tables your fall theme will be set!



So instead of going for the classic summer wedding or engagement party, why not check out all that fall has to offer first.  You might just find that this is indeed the best time of the year for your special celebration! 


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5 Tips On How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Wedding Jewellery



You will know if you are planning your wedding there are so many choices to make to ensure your day goes perfectly.  Location, food, cake, dress, to name but a few!  Choosing your wedding jewellery sounds simple enough?  Not always the case.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding jewellery to avoid any regret on your big day.



        1.Upstaging the dress



Whatever style of dress you go for, you don’t want your jewellery to be the first thing everyone notices.  It is really all about the dress darling!  Really take into consideration what you want everyone to be talking about.  That beautiful dress it took you a year to find and fit into or a necklace you grabbed without much thought before you left the bridal shop.



        2.Buying trendy accessories



Bear in mind your wedding album will come out year after year, picking something too fashionable will make your pictures look outdated very quickly.  Go for timeless classics and this will ensure you stay looking glamorous and much more fashionable!



        3.Sometimes less is more   



Do you really need a necklace, a bag, a veil, a tiara, earrings, and a bracelet?  Sometimes you can go overboard.  You will already be sporting the must haves, flowers, rings, dress and shoes!  Before you get carried away try them all on before the big day and you may find that less really is more.



        4.Buying accessories before the dress



This is risky.  Many brides end up choosing a completely different dress to the one they initially envisage.   Get the dress in the bag first; otherwise you could end up with two different styles.  That could leave the overall look you are going for incomplete.

        5.Think beyond your wedding day



Finally, consider pieces that you could wear again.  It would be a real shame to spend money on lovely accessories to throw into your jewellery box never to be seen again!  Buying something classic and elegant will ensure you can wear it again and again, even pass down to your daughter on her wedding day as her something borrowed. 


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Great Gifts Deserve Great Packaging



Giving a beautiful gift is not only about what’s inside but how the gift looks on the outside too.  If you intend to buy your loved one an expensive gift like jewellery, you don’t want to ruin it with badly wrapped or unappealing packaging.  Wrapping your gift, using a number of products suggests the contents are very special and you’ve really taken time and effort selecting that gift.  It shows you haven’t just chucked it in a bag with no thought or care as to how it looks.


If you have just purchased something small like a pair of diamond earrings, for example, you should select a small bag.  You could co-ordinate with matching paper and finish off with some different coloured tissue paper to add a bit of contrast.  We love these pink paper gift bags with ribbon handles, together with silver tissue paper. It hints at what shiny treat may be inside.  If it’s earrings you have gone for, nothing is shinier than these 1.74 carat, white gold, round diamond studs.


            Bag                          ear                       paper


Pyramid Bag, with Ribbon Handles in Pink    1.74 Carat Round Diamond Stud Earrings     Large Silver Tissue Paper-Standard

       www.shoppingbagsdirect.com                        www.diamondjewelryunited.com                www.shoppingbagsdirect.com



How great are these Organza Gift Bags.  They would work perfectly if you are thinking of bridesmaid’s gifts.  A pendant always goes down great with any girl and if chosen carefully can be perfect no matter the age range.  Filling the bags with confetti is a lovely way to add sparkle and fun to your gift.  This beautiful 0.5 carat, white gold, princess cut pendant would fit perfectly in the Organza Gift Bag.  Vibrant in colour with a little hint of gold, this bag would enhance any gift no matter what the occasion. 



bags                       neck


         Organza Gift Bag                          0.51 Carat Princess Diamond Solitaire Pendant

www.shoppingbagsdirect.com                             www.diamondjewelryunited.com


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Blooming Marvelous!



What woman doesn’t love flowers?  We have come up with the 3 ultimate best ways to incorporate flowers into your proposal.  We have also matched the best rings to go with your flower theme!  Make it just that bit more special and a moment that she’ll never forget!


Timeless Elegance


Roses ring          Roses ring

  www.theflowerbox.co.uk          www.diamondjewelryunited.com


The classic Hand Tied Red Rose Bouquet never goes out of style.  Red roses have always been a symbol of undying love.  When you get down on one knee, present your love with this beautiful bouquet and watch how them work their magic!


Classic in its design the 1.01 Carat Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring would make any girl feel super special!  If she’s a classic sort of a gal, you’re on to a winner with this pairing!



Vintage Style


Vintage          Vintage Ring

   www.theflowerbox.co.uk         www.diamondjewelryunited.com


Looking for something simple?  Look no further!  We love this vintage look; the Orchid Delight Hand Tied Bouquet with its pastel tones creates the perfect shabby chic romantic theme.  Although simple, we love how it still retains a certain elegance your future bride will love.


Timeless, elegant and truly one of a kind, the 0.64 Carat Vintage Inspired Round Solitaire Diamond Ring encompasses the old-world feel.  If simple is her thing, this ring is bang on trend!



Go all out!


All Out          All Out Ring

  www.theflowerbox.co.uk          www.diamondjewelryunited.com


Finally, if you are going to really go for it, lets do it in style!  Laurent Perrier Champaign Rose Plant Gift Set.  Champaign, chocolates and roses, how could she possibly refuse!   True luxury, she will feel like the luckiest girl in the world if you were to present her with this little lot!


Lets go out with a bang with our final choice of engagement ring.  4.38 Carat Radiant Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring!  This incredibly special ring will simply take her breath away.  You’re only going to do this once, lets do it right!

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5 Step Engagement



Proposing is a very special event in every relationship; it can also be one of the scariest times!  We have put together 5 things we think that will make your proposal not only special and unique but also successful!


           1.Tailor it to your relationship, make it unique!

The last thing you want to do is copy someone else’s proposal. It’s a bit of a cop out and hasn’t really taken any time or effort to think about. Perhaps there is somewhere special that you go that only the two of you know about, it could be where you first met? Maybe you both have the same interest, which you do together, you could incorporate that? Whatever your thing is, use it! That’s what makes your relationship different from others; this will ultimately make your proposal unique!


             2. Create the mood


So you’ve decided you’re going to go back to the park where you two both met to get down one knee. It can be incredibly nerve racking when you’ve been planning something and then the day finally arrives. If she has no idea what’s to come don’t just blurt it out. The last thing she wants to remember is chatting about the washing up and then turning around to find you down on one knee! Maybe you reminisce about the day you met, how walking through the park brings back memories. I guarantee the outcome will be far more successful.


             3. Is this something you’ve talked about?


It’s all well and good picking the right setting and creating the right mood but is this something you’ve actually talked about in the past. Are you sure this is something that you both want? Before deciding to declare your undying love and lifelong commitment you wish to enter, talk it through! Maybe you broach the subject a few months before you plan anything. Make it really conversational; find out where she is because if she’s not in the place you are right now it could all end in tears!


              4. Chat to her family


So you’ve decided on the location and the theme that is unique to you both, you have the right mood, you are completely sure that this is something that she wants. Now it’s time to speak to her family. I know this sounds really old school but it’s not about asking them for permission it’s about including your soon to be in-laws in this special event. It’s to let them know how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with their child! To let them know how much in love you are and how serious you take it. Believe me, it will be really appreciated and start married life with a great, solid foundation of people around you.


              5. The ring


Style, size, colour, budget to name but a few! So many things to take into consideration! Seek advice. There is no point stressing yourself out with something you’ll pick only once in your lifetime.  There are many places you can visit that give great advice and are experts in their field, use them! To be honest you can’t really go wrong. If she loves you as much as you love her, she’ll be over the moon with whatever you pick.


You’ll find great advice on all things engagement rings here; you’ll even find us there!

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Choosing the right Engagement Ring



An engagement ring is a permanent symbol of the most important relationship in your life.  It is a big purchase and you want to make sure that you get it right, not only because of the cost but you want to see the look of delight on your future brides face, not a look of disappointment.  There are 4 key elements to keep in mind when making your purchase.  Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour.


The carat is the weight of the diamond or how big it measures.  The average size of most engagement rings is around 1 carat.  The next is the cut; this determines the shape of the diamond.  Most common is the round cut, but you can also get pear, heart, princess and so on.  People tend to get really hung up on the clarity of the diamond.  Most diamonds do have inclusions, they make the diamond unique and to the naked eye most cannot even been seen.  Pay attention to the grading, all diamonds should have a grade as to what level of inclusions they have if any.  For example SI1 means slightly included 1.  Finally the colour.  Colourless diamonds are graded from D downwards to Z.  Between this scale a diamond will display subtle coloured tones.  Diamonds with a very strong distinct colour are extremely rare.


Lastly and probably most importantly, give her what she wants!  Its all very well knowing all the facts but if you buy her something to your taste all could be lost!  You could check out her existing jewelry, find out what style she likes.  Is she a modern girl or does she go for traditional pieces.  If you think your secret can be kept secret, ask her friends or her family their opinion.  If all else fails that’s why we are here!  Call us and we can give you our advice on best sellers and most popular, after all this is what we do! 

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Diamond Are For Everyone



What better way to say, “I love you” than with diamonds?  They let that special person know how much you care.  They are timeless, and whatever the occasion you choose to give them, you know how much they will be treasured.


If you are planning on popping the question, our range of unique and exclusively designed Diamond Engagement Rings will be sure to make that answer an easy one!  From beautiful Round Solitaire to Princess Cut, all set in 14 Karat Solid White Gold, what’s not to love.  With a wide range of carat weight, you can be sure that we have something to suit any budget.


Not only do we stock a wide variety of stunning Diamond Engagement Rings we also stock an elegant range of Diamond Pendants and Diamond Earrings.  Radiant and enchanting, they make the perfect gift.  They too are set in 14 Karat White Gold and come in a choice of styles to suit any taste. 


Choosing your diamond can be daunting but at Diamond Jewelry United you can trust that our expertise is second to none.  We are always on hand to help you with any questions you may have so you know you’re in good hands.



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